After receiving my MFA at the USC Film School,  I worked as a writer in the entertainment business in Los Angeles, developing projects for Disney and HBO.  As a photographer, I take a storyteller's approach to the art of imagery.  
Mastering the technical aspects is an essential part of the photographer's job, but what makes a photograph truly special is "the story."  Whether I am shooting in the street, making portraiture, or documenting events, my aim is to find the narrative spark that makes the images touch the emotions of the viewer.  This can be the determined gait of a stranger crossing the street, the way a married couple dances at a wedding, or that glint in a sole client's eye during a portraiture session.   It is always the story.
When working with my clients, communication is key.  Most of us feel anxiety about our imagined physical faults and our inability to pose for the camera. My goal is to make you comfortable, and to help you to discover the beauty and power of your own personal story.  There is no one out there like YOU.  When we work together with open hearts and minds, something magical happens.  Trust plus honesty equals beauty and art. 
Let's make some art. 
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