A mother, her son and his ex-wife survive coronavirus quarantine in Queens with humor, love and empathy.
This Photographer Has Made The Best Of Quarantine With His Ex-Wife And His Mother -- For this odd trio in a two-bedroom Queens apartment, a photography project has become a form of therapy.
One Photographer’s Quarantine Diary with His Mom and Ex-Wife
Man stuck living with both mother and ex-wife shares hilariously chaotic photos.

Photographer Humorously Chronicles Living in Quarantine With His Mom and Ex-Wife

Podcast: Accept the Weirdness—Quarantine Photography, with Neil Kramer -- I think most photographers have tried to document their experience during the COVID-19 shutdown, but none have done it quite like Neil Kramer.

Man living with mom and ex-wife documents their quarantine in a hilarious photo series -- Man’s mom and ex-wife were only supposed to stay for a few weeks.

A Photographer’s Hilarious Photos of Being Stuck in Quarantine with Ex-Wife and Mother

One New York City photographer's quarantine pod gives new meaning to the term "three's company.”


NY1: In the Papers

NY photographer humorously captures life under quarantine with mom and ex-wife -- Writer and shutterbug Neil Kramer turns his lens inward, focusing on a short-term living arrangement that only a global pandemic could have prolonged

Man Stuck In Quarantine With His Ex-Wife And His Mom Shares All The Chaos In Hilarious Photos

WGN Morning News

NeveshtArt, Short Reviews on Iranian Contemporary Art, Tehran

Brigitte Magazine, Germany.  - Kurioser Pandemie-Alltag eines Mannes, seiner Ex und seiner Mutter

What I See: What taking care of each other looks like in a pandemic

In March, 2020, my Queens neighborhood became the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Through unusual circumstances, I found myself hunkering down in my two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment with my 86-year-old mother from Florida and my ex-wife from Los Angeles.

The Baffler Magazine

La Vanguardia, Spain

Rapport, South Africa

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Fotopolis, Poland​​​​​​​

Cutura Inquieta, Spain.

El simpático diario fotográfico de Neil Kramer, atrapado en cuarentena con su exmujer y su madre

Capetown etc, South Africa

Lockdown has been tough on families and friends – some haven’t seen each other in a year. Others have seen each other too much. Spending it trapped in a tiny apartment with your ex-wife and mother, however, is a different story altogether.

Awkward Family Photos

Okay, I want you to imagine the worst quarantine scenario you can possibly think of. One that would be your absolute nightmare…

This week my guest is Neil Kramer.  We talk about his very touching self portrait/documentary project in which he included his ex-wife and his mother, all sharing a small apartment in Queens during the lockdown.

In this fascinating discussion, Neil Kramer talks to Rebecca Weston about the ways in which humorous photos help him organize and process his experience; about the truth he's found in staged images; and about being part of, instead of outside, the photographic story. Neil also explores the differences between private and public audiences and the gendered aspects of the street photography he'd been doing and the domestic photography he's explored during the pandemic.

Quarantine in Queens | A Photo Series by Neil Kramer. Tune in as event & street Photographer Neil Kramer how used phototherapy to cope with being quarantined with his mother and ex-wife in his two-bedroom, one-bathroom compact apartment.

American Photography AP 37 Chosen Winner, 2021

Portrait Photographer of the Year, 2020

Finalist, The Portrait Project Competition, Together as One

2020 ND Awards, 1st Place, Family Photography

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